The Whole Food Supplement Difference


Every product we recommend is quite different from anything else on the market even though they may have similar names.

The first major difference is they give results.

What about “natural”? As nature is? Not artificial? No additives or preservatives?  Not man made?

What about food? Food is nourishment, sustenance, edible, nutriment or nutritious substance. It is fuel and life for human bodies. Man can do wondrous things, but he cannot make “natural” life.

Do you think that all natural things are suitable for food?

Therefore, just because a label says “natural”, should we swallow the item?

We have been conned into believing that when something has “natural”  on  its  label,   it’s  fine and  healthy.   But,   if a  label  says “natural”, read every work to find what it’s made of. Few, if any, will say. The “natural” label tells us nothing. The one I will mention is calcium. It’s often made from dolomite with the word “natural” in large letters. Of course it’s natural – from rock, but it’s not food. And calcium tablets can come from bone meal. Yes, natural, but we are not dogs, we don’t eat bones.   Also bone marrow stores chemicals.

  • Balanced, Kept in Families – this is another vital aspect. The products we recommend go back to nature for balance and nowhere in nature do we find a single nutrient.

All of the links in the Chain of Life have only one name. But that name includes a whole family, not just one person. Each family has several members who have specialist areas of work, but who dovetail together and work in unison.

We should never take a single family member without the entire family, otherwise our bodies themselves will be out of balance.

For example –

  • B complex has 13 or more
  • E Complex has 4 called tocopherols, not only alpha tocopherol; and 4 tocoterinols
  • C Complex has 19, not just ascorbic acid
  • Enzymes – thousands of them
  • Carbohydrates, another large family
  • Fatty acids, many different ones
  • Flavenoids, so far 4000 have been discovered
  • Carotenoids, natures crayons within the phytochemical grouping has over 600 members