The Need for Supplementation

THE NEED FOR SUPPLEMENTATION (why our food is not enough any more)

People will tell you that they get all the nutrition they need from the food that they eat.

Even nutritional authorities are now saying that the average Australian diet may not be filling our individual nutritional needs.

  1. Lifestyles

Most of us tend to pack more into a day than we can comfortably handle. Life is a rush, moving in the fast lane and burning the candle at both ends. That means we have little time for leisurely meals and to enjoy each other’s company. We even eat with the TV blaring and have indigestible politics along with our meal. What a waste of food!

Many families have a skimpy breakfast – buses or trains to catch or the traffic to beat if you are driving, or animals to work or tend and children to get to school.

Lunch sometimes will be missed, or late. Extended business lunches with rich and large meals and alcoholic beverage will add inches to our waistline but not years to our life. It is quite common to see people eating a quick sandwich or chips in the street, or they tend to grab something else quick to eat on the run.

Most Australian families have their main meal at night. Shift workers, truckies and others end up having a large heavy meal late at night – and this does horrific things to their digestion.

What about the thousands of, (mostly) women and girls who have the dieting craze? Nearly every person has gone on a diet of some kind. There are nearly as many diets as there are people to try them.

Have you ever stopped to count the Take-away establishments in your suburb, town or city? 50 years ago, Take-aways were unheard of, now many people cannot live without them. Even just 20 years ago, Take-aways were a luxury or for a special occasion or a really big treat.

Today’s way of life has forced mothers to work outside the home. Social demand has seen changes in the way food is prepared and cooked. Today’s generation of young mothers would have no diea that the fast foods, or the packaged foods are not as healthy as the advertisements suggest.

None of these things is conducive to good health.

  1. Choices

We have looked at our eating habits.

Life is all about making choices, some are not of tremendous importance, others affect our whole lives. For instance, we CHOOSE to be married. We CHOOSE which car we buy. We CHOOSE the house we live in and where we live.  Now we are talking about an equally important and vital choice – our food and HOW we will live. Particularly in this area, there are degrees of choices – good, poor and bad.

  1. Chemicals

Every area of our lives is being invaded by chemicals. They are destroying our quality of life. They kill everything in their path,- the good and the bad, eg. garden plants are killed along with the weeds if we spray indiscriminately.

Antibiotics destroy friendly and unfriendly bacteria, for they are no respector of persons!

Sixty years ago chemicals were unknown in the agricultural industries, but now, nothing can be grown without them.

First it was to get rid of pests and insects Insecticides
Second it was to kill weeds Weedicides / herbicides
Third it was to make plants grow fast and furious Fertilizers of all kinds
Fourth it was to rid our homes of pests Household sprays

Some vegetables are sprayed up to 16 times before harvesting.

Grains stored in silos before being refined for human use, are treated by chemical bombs of deadly substances to control pests and weevils. The only way these chemicals can be removed is to remove everything from the grain.

The public is left with while flour – a completely lifeless “food”.

So here we have a terrible choice – do we eat dead white flour and no chemicals, or do we eat multigrain bread with some fibre and a little bit of grain, no oils and chemicals?

Fruit is impregnated with chemicals – it’s grown, sprayed, picked green for transport and then gassed so we can buy ripe-looking fruit. Because the flesh is full of chemicals, all the washing in the world will not remove it.

The Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is under no illusion of the danger of artifical fertilizers and have published their findings in Mother Earth Manual of Organic Gardening by John Bond.

CSIRO said that, “Superphosphate, a phosphorus fertilizer, contains the deadly heavy metal cadmium.   Passed on through plants, it is responsible for impotence, high blood pressure and kidney disease in humans.  It also considerably reduces the amount of zinc in plants.   Potassium fertilizers result in magnesium deficiencies and lower the quantity and quality of the nutritious oils and seeds.   The chemical makes the oil more runny and less concentrated. Artificial   nitrogen  makes  more  starch  and  less  protein,   causes deficiencies of Vit A, C, Calcium, Iron and Copper”.

CSIRO also did tests to compare organic and artificial fertilizers on tomatoes, spinach, sweet corn. Results of food value in favour of organic fertilizers like manure etc. was dramatic, leaving no room for doubt.

  1. Processing

Now man gets directly into the act. Because fresh food deteriorates so quickly, we decided to process it for longer shelf life. So we have taken out everything that makes food function – simply, the life in food has been destroyed.

In 1946 Paul Stit in his book ‘Fighting the Food Giants’ explains what happens to the processing of grains. He tells how the extrusion process destroys much of the nutrient content of the ingredients and the amino acid lysine, and even damages the chemical vitamins. So, not only are packaged breakfast cereals totally devoid of nutrients, but are actually damaging to our bodies.

Again in 1946, a scientist named Dr. Pottinger, researched the effect of pasteurised milk on the structure of bones and teeth, as compared to whole milk. He researched 900 cats and found that pasteurised milk was damaging to many areas of health for both sexes. However, governments around the world knew of the work, but still opted for compulsory pasteurised milk for the total population.

Today, we have gone one stop further and now produce homogenised milk.

Are we now reaping the results of that decision?  Why is there an increase in osteoporosis, hormonal imbalance problems, asthma, high cholesterol and other chronic degenerative diseases?

Because oil goes rancid when exposed to air, wheatgerm oil is processed out, so our foods are also lacking Vitamin E. It is far more important for flour to have shelf life, than it is for us to be healthy! Dr. Shute, a Canadian cardiologist, says that even young children should be given supplements of Vitamin E.

  1. Water and Air Pollution

Our water supplies are as polluted as our food supplies. Some highly dangerous life threatening and carcinogenic chemicals are poured into our water tables through the agricultural chemicals.

  • Does your water taste bad?
  • Do you live in an agricultural area?
  • Does your water come from a surface water source, ie. reservoir, river, lake?
  • Does your water come from an under­ground source?
  • Are you on a public water system?
  • Do you live near a mining operation
  • Do you live in an area with heavy industry?
  • Do you live near hi-tech industry?
  • Was your plumbing installed prior to 1984?
  • Do you drink bottled water?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need the protection of an alternative clean water supply. Our city drinking water is “chemical” alphabet soup. Chlorine, fluoride, aluminium, ammonia plus more than 100 other tasteless and odourless chemicals are included in our city drinking water.

The air we breathe is as bad. Why are forests and ancient building crumbling in Europe? Acid rain. And this falls back on our earth to be absorbed into the water tables. And we do not escape just because we live in Australia. Power stations, chemical and manufacturing establishments belch forth sulphuric and hydrochloric acids and other industrial wastes into the air. This is acid rain.

Chemicals have been found in Antarctic penguins. This came from the acid rain which now circles the globe.

Lead is a highly dangerous heavy metal, hence the change to unleaded petrol. Dr. Furst says that nickel in the unleaded fuel is even more dangerous than lead. All petroleum products today have additives which can be cancer causing agents. NEVER handle unleaded petrol without protective clothing and gloves.

A research scientist from Sydney reported in 1984 that metals which are so much part of our lives today, are causing untold mental and physical problems. He says uric acid is associated with metal poisoning. Chlorine and fluoride attach metal pipes, especially copper and dissolved the metals into the water supply.

Our homes are hotbeds of polluted air. How often in winter do you open your windows and let in some fresh air? Isn’t it lovely to get out of a stuffy atmosphere and go outside for a few breaths of fresh air? Air conditioners are the means of spreading germs quicker than anything else.

Our homes are constructed of highly potent chemicals – glues in chip­board; carpets; paints, smokers, fly and bug sprays; dry-cleaning gases.

  1. Hybridization

Man thinks he can do a better job than nature, so he has cross pollinated seeds to give hybrid vigour. In the process he has lost the vital ingredient necessary for quality food.

Hybrids cannot reproduce themselves. Plant engineering and chemicals have produced lovely looking fruit and vegetables, but which are tasteless and tough.

Have you ever tried lately, saving the seeds from tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons or rockmelons and planting them? They grow into fantastic plants, lush and green but they do not produce fruit. The seeds we buy today, are all hybrid seeds. Had we followed the farming laws laid down for us there would have been bountiful harvests of beautiful healthy food.

  1. Misleading Information

How often have you watched a breakfast cereal ad. on TV with a special sport star recommending it? The idea is planted firmly in your, and your children’s minds that if we eat this, then we will look as good as that sports star.

Some fast food chains claim their beef patties are 100% ground beef, but they never tell you the additives or the state of the health of the animals.

Reading the advertising and labels on many bottles often leaves me confused and with the impression that this has everything I need. Eg. a label may read “50mg of chelated iron, so for anyone requiring an iron supplements, this sounds like the answer. By Australian law, we are only allowed 5mg of elemental iron per tablet so such labeling is quite misleading.

Health conscious young mothers who read the labels of the packaged goods would imagine they are buying top quality food. They are not told that the nutrients of that food have been removed and only synthetic vitamins and minerals added. However, if they are doubtful, there is plenty of information available for checking the validity of the packaging code, or they could simply ask.

The word “natural” is on every conceivable item of food and supplement

The source of the supplement might be “natural”, but is it food?   Eg. Vitamin E can be made as a by-product of the petroleum industry. Natural? Yes.  Food? No. We are not vehicles. Calcium often is made from dolomite.  Natural? Yes.  Food?   No.  We are not a garden. We do not eat rock.

  1. Food Quality

We might as look at the whole depressing picture and be done with it. The quality of the food we are being offered is scandalous. We are being brain washed by seductive TV and media ads. and much of this advertising is to do with food and drink. TV advertising is geared to peer pressure, our sense of taste, smell, physical desire. Truth never stands in the way of the mighty $.

Our food has been processed to death. It has additives, preservatives, colouring, sugar and salt added to everything. Mould inhibitors, emulsifiers, anti-clogging agents and sawdust are in our foods. Even most baby foods have sugar and salt added.

Paul Stit also investigated our soups, various juices and drinks, margarine, breads.  None of it is healthy.

Did you know that white sugar and table salt are poisons in our system? Sea salt, unprocessed, moist and grey, is what we should be using. Honey should be our sweetening agent.

Sugar is the cause of so much ill health today.

Did you know that pig farmers give their pigs packaged biscuit crumbs (cast off from the biscuit factories) because the fat levels are so high.

They are making synthetic eggs and butter!  And calling it food!!

So can we honestly say we are getting all the nutrition we need from the food that we eat?

  1. Where we fits

All is not lost however, the picture does have some bright spots in it. Our bodies are designed to use food as its source of fuel and its medicine, so we cannot stop eating.

Who would want too anyway. Eating is one of the pleasures of life.

So we go back to our choices discussed in Lesson 2.

The products we recommend are the only FOOD supplements on the market in the world.

They work because of the raw food materials and the way they are processed. Because this company also manufactures its own products, it has total control over the quality. The material is processed at low temperatures to retain nutrients.

The products are designed to feed and clean our cells, our blood stream and our other eliminating organs. Many of us are suffering from Toxic Overload and it HAS to be unloaded from our bodies.

Is it necessary to take whoe=le food supplements all the time? Yes. While our food is so depleted we will always need food supplements to make up the short fall in our nutritional requirements.

  1. Summary

We have looked briefly at the health dangers we face in living today.

Chemical, processing, pollution, hybridization, misleading information and food quality are giving us a hard time.

  1. Conclusion

Science says that we can live healthily until we are 120. In order to have the quality of life right to that age, means that we have to look carefully at our choices of food and to supplement wisely.

We also have to seriously consider taking responsibility for our own health as no one else will or does. After all, it IS our responsibility!

It is a far cheaper and less painful way of maintaining our health than to be sick and given drugs for the symptoms.

Money CAN help us buy good and stable health – if we spend it wisely.

Begin NOW and train our children to do likewise and for us all to get our choices right.