What is Endometriosis

by endosolu

Background on Endometriosis

Millions of women and girls all over the world suffer from endometriosis, a chronic immune and endocrine disease which causes years of pain, infertility, sporadic and sometimes complete disability, and can keep a woman or girl from reaching her potential and contributing fully to her family and society.   Endometriosis is a modern epidemic and appears to be growing rapidly.

Current statistics show that endometriosis affects 10 percent of women who are of childbearing age. It occurs when the tissues that normally grow inside the uterus grow in other locations. It is a notoriously painful condition, which many women have described as being more intense than childbirth. Internal scar tissue may eventually develop, which is a known cause of infertility.

Medical books provide differing explanations as to why this condition is so incredibly painful, but there are only theories, and endometriosis is not well understood.

Most doctors treat this condition by suppressing its symptoms with painkillers, or by placing women on birth control drugs that cause them to skip their monthly cycle. As a result of such neglect, endometriosis is a leading cause of infertility in the civilized world.

The mainstream methods of suppressing endometriosis are usually futile. The only drugs that provide effective relief are extremely addictive, and all surgical attempts are largely failures.

The most common long-term treatment is laparoscopic surgery to remove the excess tissues, but the condition has an extremely high recurrence rate despite surgical interventions.

Some women get hysterectomies to eliminate endometriosis, but even in these cases, it sometimes returns in different places.

The disease can have a massive impact on the quality of life. Women with endometriosis have an 87% chance of depression, and an 88% chance of having mild to moderate anxiety. Sixty-three percent of endometrial women have severe anxiety problems. Endometriosis sufferers are four times more likely to have allergy problems, and they are also four times more likely to have migraines. Many women with severe endometriosis are forced to go on disability, because their symptoms are so severe. The Internet is riddled with horror stories about those who committed suicide due to their endometriosis pain.

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