The Concept of Homeostasis in Naturopathy for Endometriosis

by endosolu

The body will regulate itself to maintain healthy limits and one example is the body’s temperature – when the weather is cold, the body will try to conserve heat by constricting the blood vessels close to the skin and directing blood flow to favour internal organs but when the weather is hot, the body will dilate blood vessels close to the skin and evaporate body heat with perspiration.  In the same way many other elements – such as blood gases, hormones and water – also need to be kept within strict limits.  This whole process of maintenance is called homeostasis and if the body is not in such a state, naturopaths believe that illness is more likely to occur.

It is this concept of ‘homeostasis’ that makes adding synthetic chemical hormones to the body likely to make things worse for endometriosis sufferers… not better.

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