Retrograde menstruation in healthy women v’s women with endometriosis.

by endosolu

Its been my long term view that most women naturally have retrograde menstruation and the body (if functioning optimally) will clean up this retrograded endometrium.

Bottom line is you need to get it together, get healthy and watch what your body can do ! see for more info on where to start.

This article says it all…


Blood was found in the peritoneal fluid in 90% of women with patent tubes at laparoscopy during perimenstrual time. If the fallopian tubes were occluded, then only 15% of patients had evidence of blood in the pelvis. Also, 90% of patients with endometriosis and eight of nine women on oral contraceptives had bloody fluid during the menstrual period. The present observations indicate that retrograde menstruation through the fallopian tubes into the peritoneal cavity is a very common physiologic event in all menstruating women with patent tubes.

Halme, Jouko, et al. “Retrograde menstruation in healthy women and in patients with endometriosis.” Obstetrics and gynecology 64.2 (1984): 151-154.

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