Estrogen, Endometriosis & Cruciferous Compounds

by endosolu

Part of our natural endometriosis treatment program is to make sure adequate amount of cruciferous compounds are available in the body to essentially help balance out hormonal imbalances.

The study below backs up our theory… can I suggest you do some research yourself on the wonders of crucifereous vegetables.


Cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, have been cultivated since antiquity as medicinal plants. Once ingested, the Cruciferae release unique phytochemical constituents able to modify the activity of cellular enzymes effecting carcinogen clearance and estrogen metabolism. The most active of these phytochemicals with regard to estrogen is the dietary indole, diindolylmethane. Understanding the dietary influences of cruciferous phytochemicals on estrogen status provides a basis for nutritional approaches to estrogen-related concerns that accompany aging in women and men.

ZELIGS, MICHAEL A. “Diet and estrogen status: the cruciferous connection.”Journal of Medicinal Food 1.2 (1998): 67-82.

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