Dioxins & Endometriosis

by endosolu

There is mounting evidence that links endometriosis to dioxin (a group of toxic chemicals containing known and probable carcinogens), PCBs and other endocrine disruptors (chemicals which act like hormones in our bodies and disrupt the immune system).

In addition to these findings, the Environmental Protection Agency stated in its 1994 Dioxin Reassessment draft that the “general population’s current body burdens and exposures of dioxin are already at levels which affect our health.”  One of the health effects that the EPA specifically identifies is a “higher probability of experiencing endometriosis and the reduced ability to withstand an immunological challenge.”

Tampons & Pads – How Dioxins have been linked to Endometriosis

“In the early 1990’s, the Endometriosis Association found that 79% of a group of monkeys developed endometriosis after exposure to dioxin in their food during a research study over ten years earlier. The severity of endometriosis found in the monkeys was directly related to the amount of T.C.D.D. (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin — the most toxic dioxin) to which they had been exposed. Monkeys that were fed dioxin in amounts as small as five parts per trillion developed endometriosis. In addition, the dioxin-exposed monkeys showed immune abnormalities similar to those observed in women with endometriosis.”

— The Endometriosis Association

Most women with endometriosis will never discover that their problem is greatly aggravated by sanitary napkins and tampons. These products use a semi-synthetic substance called rayon instead of real cotton; in order to achieve maximum absorption. The pads are bleached during the final stage of production. This bleaching process releases dioxins from the rayon as a byproduct. Studies have proven that repeated dioxin exposure leads to reproductive diseases, including endometriosis. Dioxins accumulate in the body’s fats over time; and as they gradually build to greater concentrations, so does the list of health conditions that arise as a result.

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